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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> the final push in iowa. new proof tonight on what is awaiting them next to new hampshire. >> breaking news. a local student found dead in a college campus building. the investigation right now into how it happened. >> the winter warm-up not done yet. i' m tracking how much longer it lasts and the returned to the reality ahead. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:0 0.
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our commitment voters about to have their say. reid: good to have you with us this sunday. but his time tomorrow, the iowa caucuses will be underway. phil is live in des moines where the president of candidates are making their final pitches. p hil: 24 hours to go. there are 99 counties in 3 million people and every candidate would like to shake hands with each and every person. that is because there are a ton of undecided voters. i one means church for most people, especially those running for president. -- sunday morning in iowa. donald trump and his wife in council bluffs. mr. trump: i feel great. it is really an honor. phil: the day before, it is a full-court press. >> our first home. phil: bernie sanders running
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his people spent most of the day knocking on doors finding this man, an martin o' malley supporter leaning towards hillary. >> you are on the fence. most important thing to? >> education. phil: governor chris christie on why iowa is so important. governor christie: it encourages everybody around the country -- to take this process - senator rubio: i believe this is country is the greatest from the beginning cash it was founded on the fact that our rights come from our creator. phil: this is one of times -- trump' s field offices. we met a democrat switching to trump. >> i' m jumping over for trump, just because i like the man. i think he will take charge and
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phil: iowans are being targeted all over the state. >> i am calling from the hillary clinton campaign. phil: anyone willing to change their minds could change the course of this campaign. it certainly could and that is why all the candidates will be out and about crisscrossing the state bring out the guns for president phil clinton campaigning for his wife. tomorrow, is caucus day. we will be live for you all day and live tomorrow night at the caucus site. live in des moines, phil lipof newscenter 5. reid: a new poll o ut tonight shows the front runners in the granite state have a sickly. bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by 20 points. and the boston herald olle -- polled 57% to 37%. donald trump is an even bigger leave. -- lead. ted cruz next with 13. jeb bush and marco rubio and
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heather: kasich is the only candidate in new hampshire today. the ohio governor' s meeting with voters and salem. he is outlining his plans to reduce the national debt and create jobs. he it is not even planned to be in iowa tomorrow. he will host three of us in new hampshire instead. reid: some breaking news. a umass student is found dead in a campus building. the body was found this morning inside the bathroom in ball h all. the circumstances surrounding the death -- no other information has been released but it is not suspicious. it is the body of a 28-year-old student but not a campus resident. heather: a live look at the boston skyline. feeling a whole lot like spring. mid 50' s today. mike: did you like it?
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mike: this is really unusual stuff. do not get too used to it. i' ve some cooler weather by the end of the week. the high temperature-57 degrees. look at the low temperatures this morning. 38 degrees. typically this time of year, our average high temperature is only 36. we weren' t that far off record high temperatures be or check out the current temperatures. a lot of 40 showing up but still a few 50' s hanging on now. and the breeze was coming off the ocean to reduce our cooler temperatures along the south coastal areas. basically clear skies out there right now but as you widen the view, a few single tomorrow. there is not much rain with this but what you will notice is the warm air. so, look what happens tomorrow. we start up with partly cloudy skies. we warm-up into the mid to upper 50' s again. courtesy of that southwesterly breeze. perhaps late in the day there might be an isolated shower or two. most of us will not see anything out of it. tomorrow morning, clear skies.
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comes in. a few isolated showers. check out the temperatures the next few days. we take a dip on tuesday. back up on wednesday and then things change towards midweek. we will talk more about that in a few moments. reid: in mansfield, and investigation continues after a man' s body was pulled from a pond. the victim had fallen to the ice. the body was found at 7:30 this morning. police have not released the man' s name but say the search for him started yesterday afternoon getting a missing persons report from his family. heather: a man is recovering tonight from serious injuries he covered -- he suffered from cutting wood. as rhondella richardson reports, nuns made an life-saving call for help. rhondella: doug is still in the hospital yesterday he was working on his 30 acres for the nuns to hear him, he must' ve been the on his truck, about 100 yards into the woods.
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rhondella: a 74-year-old out cutting wood was trapped under a tree. >> you look up there, you can almost see a house. rhondella: a neighbor pointed out how far into the woods the victim must' ve been for the nuns from mount saint mary' s to hear his cries. a nun out walking called 911 for doug goldman who was down on the ground for two hours. he cuts wood to heat his home. >> he does things the right way. i imagine something strange happened. something snapped off and came off. >> they think it they have a day of recollection. the sisters take a walk in the woods. that was great. they saved his life. rhondella: nuns from mount saint mary' s are not talking that the sisters across the street are proud. >> they are cloistered order. they don' t get out much. they' re not like us. good to see them in the news.
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rhondella: goldman is known as an outdoorsman. >> according to his wife, he is doing well, up and walking within a day or two. rhondella: out work in the yard from sun up to sun down. i reached him by phone and he said he is ok. the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow searching for ways to stop the spread of the zika virus. has direct ties to birth defects. in two weeks it has spread from 14 countries to 23. more on this growing health crisis. nicole: 31 americans have now been diagnosed with the zika resident. outbreak here because it has only been diagnosed in returning travelers. the biggest risk is to pregnant women. their plans. concern is mounting in the u.s.
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from mexico into south america. 3 to 4 million infections in the last year or the most vulnerable their unborn babies. high percentage bitten by the mosquito have no symptoms at all. this is what makes it very hard to track. reporter: the virus linked to an increase in babies born with abnormally small heads which can cause severe development issues. >> microcephaly can lead to from mild to serious. nicole: there are no medicines and no vaccines to prevent it. health officials believe the majority of people stricken will experience no symptoms. the cdc now says there are confirmed cases of zika in a dozen states but the virus is not spreading locally. if the world health organization does to claire z -- does declare an emergency it would call for a coordinated response.
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why two virginia tech students are now being charged in the death of a 13-year-old. heather: ahead, mit leading by design. how the race to develop the hyper - -will begin right here. mike: midweek rain washer and the return of something close to winter weather. we do not have to worry about any snow. reid: on the other side of the
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at 6:00. reid: the fight in africa' preserves take the deadly turn. in tanzania, a british helicopter pilot was shot out of the sky. we did -- he did manage to land is helicopter but died. the gunmen are still at large. heather: two virginia tech students are under arrest in and murder of a 13-year-old girl.
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setting off a frantic four-day search. her body was found last night in north carolina. 18-year-old david eisenhower is charged with abduction and first-degree murder and 19-year-old natalie keeprs i ers is charged with helping dispose of the body. community members are shaken. >> i did not think about what happened to her because she was always the cutest little thing. >> it' s such a sickening feeling knowing that she will not be coming back. heather: police say there is evidence that eisenhower and the victim knew each other before the disappearance. both suspects being held tonight without bail. reid: a big win to tell you about from mit and jenny -- the group won a competition to design a hyper loop that will move pods of people at high speed. cofounder of space-x and tesla. competed.
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pods and testament the world' s first hyperloop test track in california. wouldn' t you want to be the person to test that? heather: i really would. so futuristic. reid: mike wankum ahead with the forecast. april, not february. how long this mild streak is going to last. heather: coming up next, for those of you who love the snow, what happened to winter?
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reid: spring is a great time to ski. usually have to wait for spring. not this year. temperatures well above freezing for it we have not even started february you. heather: folks at -- are finding a way to deal with it. julie? jlu ulie: i wasn' t sure what to expect after driving into work with the windows down but we
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could not find a place to park. there are thousands of families and friends here today making use of all that new gear they got for christmas. on a day when nobody is complaining about the cold. >> i was nervous because i was not sure if conditions would be any good just because it has been so warm. julie: most people were thinking spring when they opened their front doors to temperatures in the 50' s today. the skiers and snowboarders are still clinging to winter, making the most of what mother nature is throwing at new england this year. >> we are thinking the mid atlantic storm helped us because last week and got people all excited to go skiing. thousands of people are having a blast, saying, winter might not actually happened. this is our chance. julie: visitors told newscenter 5 they are outside, there is snow and they are doing what they love, even if it is not what they consider perfect. >> 25 to 35. and i like it crisp. you never know what the
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sometimes when it was cold, it was too cold. now it is warmer, it is to warm. julie: some people prefer it this way. >> it is nice not to be bulked up in clothing. that is kind of nice. julie: it may not be a year for the record books but the parking lot installed - -is full. >> this is going to be a good year. julie: this is a very glass half-full mountain. he admits that sure there was love even more fresh natural snow on the mountain but on the bright side they have not lost days. some unique events. they stayed open to midnight last night and had one of their best attendance night. -- nights. heather: skiers it is like skiing on mashed mushy. still fun. reid: it is great.
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any weather. it has been a challenge with temperatures like this. the highs in the mid-50' s. i did not see any 60' sout there. down to the south, breeze off the water kept things cooler. i want to give a big shout out to the staff and crew at the blue ginger in wellesley. they and dozens of local residents hosted the 34th annual super hunger brunch this i was there. a fantastic organization. good. a great day for it. we had a mild temperatures out guess what? the period of december and january goes down as the warmest temperatures. mile. breeze out of the cell. go for a walk this evening. -- breeze out of the south.
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that is what is coming in tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be as warm as it was today. there will be a few more clouds in the afternoon. will that hold the temperature back? i think most of us will get well into the 50' s tomorrow. tonight, partly cloudy, 36-40 degrees. tomorrow, afternoon clouds, could be a spot shower. most of us will state dry. check out the temperatures again -- 54-60 degrees with a westerly breeze at 10-15 miles per hour. check out these high temperatures tomorrow. burlington 57. bedford 57. here is what is going to happen. drop 10, raise 10. that is what is going to happen everywhere. cooler on tuesday. wednesday will have rain. i think this week' s temperatures, tomorrow is the day you want to get out there and enjoy. as far as worcester is concerned, 52 tomorrow. drop about 10 and climb about 10. the rain will be there on wednesday. through the south shore, really close to 60 degrees. maybe norwood hits 60.
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caps on tuesday. climbs back up on wednesday. even the cape will enjoy temperatures and the lower 50' s. the only reason it is cooler is because we have the ocean waters. that is something we do not talk about in january. as far as records are concerned tomorrow, it will be close. in boston, not going to get a because it is a steep record -- 66 degrees. worcester also propping up breaking the record. let me break it down over the next seven days. tomorrow, spot showers in the forecast. i' m not thinking much of this. most of it during the afternoon. a week front comes through and gives us a spot shower. the cool aire doesn flow in. tuesday' s forecast is looking cooler. it is groundhog day. 46 degrees. then the storm system comes up out of the south and rates not only rain with it but mild temperatures. you see what happens when it moves through. wednesday it is about 56 degrees again. how much rain are we talking?
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the we do not have a snowpack. not much melting. one of those more nuisance things. if you' re are driving run, the evening to meet could be on the slow side. clears up, cools down and by friday, watching the storm system offshore. right now the indications are it will stay offshore. not be a big player in our forecast. but perhaps a little bit of mix along the coast on friday. it is one to watch. you notice the temperatures -- getting back to where they are supposed to be this time of year. 50' s. what i talk about temperatures dropping 20 degrees it is getting us back to where we are supposed to be. that is my latest forecast. i will have an update at 11:00. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike: celtics are in orlando. they just kept off with a magic. orlando is here at the garden on friday and at to the celtics have been one hot teen. they have been on a roll, winning five straight.
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28.6 assists. when you disturbed the ball like that, good things are going to happen. they pilfered the basketball an average of 7.5 times for game. novak djokovic is your australian open champion for a record tying sixtht time. he took out andy murray in three sets. a dominating effect by djokovic
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7-5, 7-6. because his wife is due to give birth to their first child. diego. san diego is easy to predict the this is the weather outside of san diego. 50 mile an hour winds at the farmers insurance open. play is stopped right now. there is lightning offshore. it does not appear they' re going to finish this tournament today. after 9 seasons, calvin johnson is retiring and told his family before the season began and he told the lions. he is done. peyton manning in the denver broncos took off from denver today headed out to san francisco for super bowl 50. manning at 39 years old will be the oldest quarterback to start in the super bowl game. this was the scene and charlotte
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panther fans as their ballclub pulled for the airport and headed out to san francisco. one week from tonight. coming up tonight, we will bring bob labelle back. for the sunday sports overtime. lots to talk about. the patriots were in the super bowl 30 years ago this past week. celtics and magic and a whole lot more coming up tonight should be fun. see you then. reid: i was in the seventh grade, remember that. they got demolished by chicago, right? heather: coming up tonight at 11:00, phil is live in iowa hours before the caucuses. we will take you inside campaign headquarters for the behind the scenes battle for votes. tt2w`t3n
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